We believe that access to quality, affordable coverage is an LGBT equality issue. Why? Because for too long, too many LGBTQ people have had to go without access to the coverage and care necessary to keep themselves, their families, and our communities healthy. But the Affordable Care Act made important changes—and CAN along with our friends at OUT2Enroll want to make sure that the health reform law’s benefits reach everyone who needs them.

Out2Enroll works with local assisters across the country who are ready to support LGBTQ people and their families in getting coverage that works for their lives and budgets. These assisters are committed to creating an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and affirming. Learn more about the assister directory by clicking here.

Need help with your health insurance application? Enter your ZIP code here to find free help from enrollment assisters in your local area. The rainbow logo indicates an organization is trained on working effectively with LGBTQ people and committed to creating an affirming environment. 

The Affordable Care Act protects you and your family from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity when you’re exploring, applying for, or enrolling in health insurance coverage.  If you or someone you know encounters discrimination, let us know.  You can also share your story here.