The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has proposed a regulation that would promote discrimination by health care providers. The proposal allows sweeping, dangerous exemptions to patient protections that would encourage health care providers to deny health care to the LGBTQ community, women, and other people.

We need you to tell HHS just how bad this new regulation would be.

HHS is now accepting public comments on this proposed rule. All comments are due by March 27. Speak up, tell your story about why health care discrimination affects you, and let HHS know that no one deserves to be denied care because of who they are or how they live their life.  We strongly encourage you to use your own words, including by sharing personal stories of how discrimination or the fear of discrimination in health care or related services has affected you or someone you love, or why you oppose this rule as a person of faith.

CenterLink will submit all comments to HHS.  They will be posted openly online and may be used by CAN in our advocacy for equality.  You are able to comment using your actual name or a pseudonym.  Below is a sample message you can use:

In health care, patients must always come first. This new proposal from HHS encourages health care providers to abandon the principle of “first, do no harm” in favor of their personal beliefs. This puts transgender patients, people who need reproductive health care, and many others at risk of being denied necessary and even life-saving care. LGBTQ people already face high levels of discrimination by health care providers. 


Along with medical experts and many people of faith, I oppose the proposed regulation. Promoting discrimination is wrong, it is unnecessary, and can harm millions of people who need access to basic care.


Need to learn more about the issue before commenting?  Want some inspiration for writing your own story?  Feel like sharing with your friends and family?  CAN's toolkit has everything you need.

If you have been denied medical treatment based on religious or moral objections,

please contact Lambda Legal's Help Desk by clicking the picture below.