Tuesday July 17th, 2018



Midterms Countdown:  There are just 111 days until midterm elections.  Data  proves that elected  officials  respond  to voters' policy  preferences  and  award  a  greater chunk  of  public  resources  to  the  people  who  show  up at  the  polls.  When you cast your ballot, you're exercising your constitutional right, raising your voice, AND supporting  your  local LGBTQ  community  center. Our #PromoteTheVote page and toolkit have everything you need to get yourself, your friends, and your family to the polls.  Help CAN #PromoteTheVote by downloading one of our signs and sending in your picture!  You might be featured in our national campaign.

#SaveSCOTUS:  Any nominee for the Supreme Court should have a demonstrated commitment to giving a fair hearing to the arguments of all Americans who come before them. These are some of the issues affecting the LGBTQ community that will most likely be heard by the US. Supreme Court in the near future:

  • Marriage and families: SCOTUS could decide whether adoption agencies and other businesses can legally discriminate against LGBTQ couples.
  • Reproductive rights: The Supreme Court might overturn Roe v. Wade — and all the reproductive and privacy rights that come with it.
  • Employment: SCOTUS will likely rule on whether denying someone a job on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Housing: This court may hand down a ruling on whether the Fair Housing Act’s prohibition on sex discrimination in the sale or rental of a home includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

Last week President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  It is crucial that we urge our Senators to hold Judge Kavanaugh accountable on issues that will impact the LGBTQ community.   Click here to email your Senators.  Remember, Supreme Court Justices have a tenure for life.


Brody Ray sings his truth:  Born in the small town of Kearney, Nebraska, Brody came out to his parents as transgender at the age of 8.  He knew even then that he was going to find a platform to declare his truth.  Brody began his transition when he turned 22 and quickly began to educate others by sharing his story.  A talented singer, Brody auditioned for America's Got Talent this year and appeared in front of a large crowd and the celebrity judges for his final audition.  He talked about his transition prior to singing.  The room fell in love with Brody's honesty and his voice, and he quickly advanced to the next round.  Last week, Brody spoke with CAN about growing up trans, his love of music, and more.  Read his full interview here and be sure to watch him on America's Got Talent Tuesday nights on NBC!


Back To School:  Wondering how to work with your school so they can support your child's gender needs? The very best time for setting your child up for success is before the year gets going. Join Gender Spectrum's Joel Baum and Pam Wool for an online discussion series for parents who would like to hear helpful tips and ask questions. During session one, they will provide general strategies for preparing for the school year and save some time for Q & A. Session 2 will focus on more Q & A and allow time for parents to share their success stories and lessons learned with each other.   Gender Spectrum's Facebook events page has details or you can register using the links below.

Getting Ready for the School Year

Monday, July 23rd, 5:30 pm PT/8:30 pm ET 

Register here for session 1  

Tuesday, July 31st, 11:30 am PT/2:30 pm ET

Register here for session 2

Turning Vision to Action:  Young people are taking a proactive role in shaping the future of policy both locally and federally, and you can drive that with the help of Generation Progress. As the Millennial generation enters the work force and voting booths, their programs help to create an ecosystem for the younger generation to develop policy solutions and utilize grassroots power to create change. We Are Progress will take place throughout the continental U.S., providing free resources and trainings necessary to hold policymakers accountable. Click here to find a free training near you!







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