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LGBT Action Link News:  Tuesday November 27th, 2018


Open Enrollment:  Are you looking for health insurance for 2019?  We've got you covered!  To help you understand your options, you can make an appointment with an LGBT-friendly expert who can help you enroll for free.

Don’t forget that most people can find health insurance for under $75/month so check out your options by heading to HealthCare.gov to see if you qualify for savings.  Don't forget, most states' open enrollment period ends on December 15th. You can double check the enrollment deadline for your state’s marketplace here.  Let’s take pride in our health this year and make sure we all #GetCovered.

National Adoption Month: The Family Equality Council is marking National Adoption Month by launching some brand new resources to help LGBTQ families, and LGBTQ folks who are considering becoming parents.  They're also sharing LGBTQ adoption stories.  Check out John and Wes's story here:

"Grandma told us that before she gave the kids up to foster care, she asked her church for help finding these kids a home. No one came forward. When she went back to church and told the pastor that the kids were with two gay men, all of the sudden the church was full of options. But it was too late, Grandma realized that these kids are the kids that Wes and I have been dreaming of..."


Trans Rights: On Friday, the administration asked the Supreme Court to bypass the usual legal process to take on President Trump’s decision to ban transgender people from military service.  Justices were asked to consolidate the challenges to the ban — which so far have been successful in lower courts — and rule on the issue in its current term.  Civil rights groups and LGBTQ rights organizations are fighting the order that would prohibit transgender men and women from enlisting, possibly subjecting current service members to discharge and denying them certain medical care.

Also on Friday, guidance protecting transgender people in the workforce disappeared from the Office of Personnel Management's website, and was replaced by generic language with no content specific to transgender people. The earlier guidelines, which were still live as of early last week, laid out definitions for terms related to transgender identities, and outlined specific expectations for respecting transgender employees. These included ensuring that trans workers could dress according to their gender identity, that they were called by their preferred names and pronouns, and that they were allowed to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.

These senseless and dangerous attacks must stop.  Use the hashtag #WontBeErased as much as possible to support the transgender community.

LGBTQ Public Charge:  No one should have to choose between meeting their basic needs and protecting their immigration status. The new "public charge" regulation is likely to disproportionately impact LGBTQ immigrants and their families. Under the proposed rule, LGBTQ people and their families could be derailed from the immigration process if they legally participate in programs designed to help people access health care, safe housing, and nutritious food.  Right now, we have a chance to block this regulation from taking effect. The federal government is required to read and log every comment it receives, so we need to act now. Send your comment speaking out against the public charge rule.

To learn more about what the public charge rule is, please join us for a webinar on Wednesday November 28th, 2018 at 4PM ET/1PM PT. Experts will explain the administration’s proposed public charge rule and how it will impact LGBTQ immigrants and their access to healthcare, including HIV care.  The webinar is co-hosted by Center Action Network along with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, National Center for Lesbian Rights, Center for American Progress, National LGBTQ Taskforce, and AIDS United.

Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2063586907452443905.



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