Supreme Court Allows Challenges To Trump's Trans Military Ban


Supreme Court Allows Challenges to Trump’s Transgender Military Ban to Continue in Lower Courts

Today the Supreme Court granted the Trump administration's request to begin implementing its discriminatory ban of military service by transgender people, putting the honorable service of thousands of troops on the line. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled to allow the cases to proceed in the lower courts.

A study commissioned by the Department of Defense determined that there are no readiness implications that prevent transgender people from serving openly.  Transgender service members are held to the exact same rigorous standards as every other service member. To deny any capable American the opportunity to serve and protect our nation is dangerous.  Since the founding of our nation, LGBT Americans have fought and sacrificed to protect the country they love.

Current and retired senior leaders across all four military branches have decried the ban, recognizing that the service of transgender people benefits the military; and nearly two-thirds (64%) of the public favor allowing transgender people to serve.

The proposed ban has already been condemned by members of both parties in the House and the Senate.  It is more important than ever for Congress to act immediately to defend thousands of brave and honorable transgender service members from this destructive ban.

The ban is a hateful attack against service members who are protecting our country and putting their lives on the line for our freedom. We must keep fighting this disgraceful action.


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