Another Government Shutdown is Looming


The 35-day federal government shutdown caused disruptions in the lives of millions of people.  At least 13,600 federal workers identify as LGBTQ, which means thousands of people from our community were furloughed.

Fortunately, our LGBTQ community centers were there to help. In California, the Imperial Valley LGBT Resource Center offered space for families affected by the shutdown to hold a rummage sale.  In Virginia, volunteers from Diversity Richmond and the local chapter of the Metropolitan Community Church set up and staffed a warehouse filled with food and basic hygiene items, available free of charge to government employees not receiving paychecks. And in Texas, the Waterloo Counseling Center offered services free of charge to anyone on furlough.

We saw our community through a difficult time, but the threat of another shutdown is very real unless federal elected officials can negotiate an agreement by February 15th.  Let's make it clear to our elected officials that shutdowns are not acceptable. We've written a letter for you to sign and send.

Click here to send letters to your lawmakers.


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