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Effective advocacy enables organizations to shape public debate on important issues and ensure that underserved communities have a voice in policies that impact their lives.  If ever there was a time for the LGBTQ community to work together with a shared voice of inclusion, this is it.  In 2017, LGBTQ Community Centers across the nation partnered with CenterLink to form Center Action Network (CAN).

Center Action Network enables centers and their constituents to act as effective and powerful champions; protecting social services, health care, programming, and funding within the LGBTQ community.  This unprecedented collaboration keeps members advised of threats or changes to policies affecting the LGBTQ population.  CAN then creates quick, easy actions for members to take; speaking as one powerful voice.

CAN has proven results and covers a wide range of policy issues affecting communities of every size.  Standing alone while taking a position contrary to lawmakers in today's political climate can be daunting. As a member of CAN, you don't have to.  Partnerships with national, state, and local organizations give CAN the ability to assist with advocacy at any level.

All nonprofits CAN and SHOULD be involved in advocacy, lobbying, and elections.  Advocacy is the number one way nonprofits can advance the issues they care about and help bring systemic, lasting change.  Click here to see if your local community center is part of our network.  Tell them to partner with us if they haven't already.  Then sign up yourself and join the movement.  Because together we CAN make a difference.

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