“Real life stories evoke a far more powerful response in most people than facts and figures.  You have a story that is as unique as you are. Reach out and share it.”

Black History Month: LGBTQ Advocates

February marks Black History month, and this year, CAN is featuring photos and quotes from some of our members who have made significant contributions to the LGBTQ community.  Keep checking back as we add more content throughout the month!  Want to submit…

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Faith's Story: I Am Transgender

In honor of International Trans Awareness Week, I asked Twitter follower Faith from North Carolina three questions:

1.  At what age did you start living your truth?

Faith:  I tried to come out at 27 but it didn't work

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Samantha's Story: I Am Transgender

I'm Samantha, from the UK, a Happily Married Trans Woman & Mother. 

It took me far too much of my life realize that the only person holding me back from being my true self, was me...In fact, I was…

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Brody Ray's Story: America's Got Talent

Born in the small town of Kearney, Nebraska, Brody Ray knew he wasn’t like everyone else at the age of 3.  He says, “As I started to figure out what made boys and girls different, I realized I wasn’t connecting…

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Gary's Story: GLOWS

I called Gary on a Friday morning, and he chatted with me from his home in Lake Conway, Florida; which is located on the same street as the former Pulse Nightclub.  He tells me the site is being made into…

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Karen's Story: I Am A Queer DACA Recipient

My name is Karen Fierro, I am twenty-two years old, I am queer, undocumented, and unashamed. I currently serve as the Community Assistant at the Tacoma Rainbow Center, a local LGBTQ resource center in Pierce County, Washington. I benefit from…

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Maurice's Story: I Am A Transgender Soldier

President Trump says that Transgender people serving in the military will distract the force from fighting and winning wars. He says people like me are a burden that harms readiness. Let’s be clear, the only thing that will ensure success…

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Dan's Story: Just Call Me Dan

(Written by Tanya Witt for Center Action Network) 

Dan and I met through mutual friends in 2014. Quiet, gentle, intelligent, with a dry sense of humor; Dan is firmly embedded within the Long Beach LGBTQ community and loved by…

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