Take Action

Center Action Network is here to provide you with information and support, answer any questions you may have, and create positive changes. Together we CAN make a difference.

In response to Saturday’s acts of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, CenterLink Chief Executive Officer Lora L. Tucker said, "We must choose love over hatred and positive action over lethargic blindness to the disparities, inequalities, and injustice that happens in our communities, states, our nation, and the world. LGBTQ Centers stand ready as a safe space for all.”

What can you do to help combat hate? Your personal safety should always be a top priority. Be vigilant, speak up, but say safe. Below are a few actions you can take this week to show your support for Charlottesville:

  1. Join a solidarity event happening near you. You can find one here.
  2. Share your story through CommunitiesAgainstHate.org, or call their hotline: 844-9-NO-HATE (844-966-4283).
  3. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a hate crime, please contact the Stop Hate Project - Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

Together we CAN make a difference.

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